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Tipas: Vidiniai mokymai
Baigimo pažymėjimas: Nėra
Užimtumo tarnyba: Nefinansuoja
Trukmė: 1 d. (4 ak. val.)
Organizatorius: Success.lt (Asociacija „Intelektinio Kapitalo Ugdymas“)

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Išsilavinimas – filosofija. Mokymų srityje dirba nuo 2006 metų. Įvairių audio knygų autorius. Dirba įvairiuose švietimo projektuose. Veda vidinius mokymus organizacijose. Lietuvos karjeros specialistų asociacijos vienas įkūrėjų ir ilgametis valdybos narys.

The content is prepared based on the theory of transactional analysis (Thomas Harris), which examines human communication.

Many have heard the phrase 'win-win,' so in this seminar, you will learn what it means and how it originated.

It's an easy-to-understand, visual topic with many diagrams and practical exercises, analyzing everyday dialogues.

It helps people understand and recognize that there are emotions in every word and assists in better controlling one's emotions when communicating.

Communication is not just words but also emotions, so we will learn how to stay calm ourselves and respond calmly to the emotions of others.

There will be more tolerance and acceptance, understanding of how to communicate with others.

The main causes of misunderstandings will become clear.

You will learn to control your voice tone and direct communication in a constructive direction.

You will strengthen yourself because you will better understand the words of others and accept the words of others less sensitively as you will understand the emotions hidden behind them.

We will examine the 4 life positions in which people live and how to achieve the best of them, 'I'm ok - you're ok.'

These positions determine our relationships with ourselves and others, and understanding and changing them can improve well-being.

Intensive daily communication requires great emotional resilience to prevent others' negative moods from upsetting us and reducing our productivity.

If you consult clients by phone or serve them in person at work, you will learn how to conduct each conversation towards a 'win-win' approach.

If you manage or work in a team where misunderstandings often arise, this topic will also be beneficial.

Price: 89 EUR per hour for a group of up to 15 people. The price may vary depending on the duration, number of participants, and travel expenses.

Mokymų programa:

Vaida, 2024-02-15

Sveiki, Mane domintų jūsų mokymai anglų k. 2 asmenims bendroje grupėje. Kokia būtų artimiausia planuojama mokymų data? su linkėjimais, HR business partner Vaida

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