Self-Improvement Day. 9 Different Topics.

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Tipas: Vidiniai mokymai
Baigimo pažymėjimas: Nėra
Užimtumo tarnyba: Nefinansuoja
Trukmė: 1 d. (8 ak. val.)
Organizatorius: (Asociacija „Intelektinio Kapitalo Ugdymas“)

Kaina: 109€



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Išsilavinimas – filosofija. Mokymų srityje dirba nuo 2006 metų. Įvairių audio knygų autorius. Dirba įvairiuose švietimo projektuose. Veda vidinius mokymus organizacijose. Lietuvos karjeros specialistų asociacijos vienas įkūrėjų ir ilgametis valdybos narys.

Are you looking for something more engaging for your company's team? It can be challenging to choose a topic that suits everyone, especially when employees have diverse interests and schedules. You might find it difficult to align employees' schedules without disrupting work.

Choose from 9 different topics, as many as you like. Also, offer employees the option to select the topics that interest them the most, or they may want to participate in all of them. Employees can allocate some of their time to the topics that interest them the most while dedicating the rest to important tasks. During Self-Improvement Day, we will extract the most interesting, enjoyable, and practical insights from each topic.

Mokymų programa:


Speed Reading – How it works and how many hours a day you can save at work by mastering it.

Memory Enhancement – Can you memorize a list of 30 items in just a few minutes? You'll do it live.

Body Language – Practical exercises that will leave everyone feeling more relaxed, confident, and smiling.

Emotion Massage – Stress is often part of work. We'll need a volunteer, and you'll see how stress of any kind can be reduced in just a few minutes.

Team-building tasks – We'll play, compete, and create together. You'll get to know your colleagues better in unconventional situations.

Time and Energy Management – If a task takes less than 3 minutes, learn to do it immediately, and your productivity will noticeably improve. Insights on energy in our work and many other interesting perspectives.

4 Personality Types – In the team, we'll find all 4 personality types. How they differ, how they think, communicate, and how they get along with each other. You'll see your colleagues from a different perspective.

Laws of Money – How your thoughts, actions, and created value are interconnected. How to improve it all.

Decision Making at Work – Each of us can make twice as many decisions and make them twice as fast. Learn to be proactive and motivate yourself.

We will allocate 45 minutes to each topic. While discussing each topic, we will touch on the most interesting aspects and complete various tasks.

The cost is 109 euros per hour for a group of up to 15 people. Prices may vary depending on the duration, number of participants, and travel expenses. The event can also be conducted in Lithuanian.

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